What are cookies?

A cookie is a small text file that a website puts on the hard drive of your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone when you visit a website.

There are 3 categories of cookies:

1. functional cookies: these ensure that our website works properly (for example, as a user of our website, you do not have to log in again and again).

2. analytical cookies: these allow us to investigate where our website visitors come from and how long they stay on certain pages.

3. tracking cookies: these marketing cookies make it possible to track our website visitors on other websites as well (this enables website visitors to receive advertisements tailored to their surfing behaviour, for example).

When you visit us for the first time, we ask your permission to place the various categories of cookies. If you refuse cookie consent, you can still visit our website. However, some functions may then work less pleasantly.

You can also revoke the consent granted for cookies to be placed on our website. To do so, you will find a button in the Footer menu (bottom) on our website to disable cookies.

Analysis of website visitors

Because we would like to know who our website visitors are and how our visitors use the website, so that we can optimize the use of the website, we use Google Analytics and HotJar. This is done using analytical cookies. More information about Google Analytics' policy can be found here. More information about HotJar's privacy policy can be found here. SilverFit itself does not use your browsing behaviour to show you ads on other websites later.


When you sign up for our newsletter, follow a training course, or attend an event at SilverFit, you do so via a form provided by Mailchimp. We may use the data you leave behind to send you targeted information about what you signed up for via the form. More information about Mailchimp's policy can be found here. If we send you a newsletter via Mailchimp, we can see whether you have opened it. We can also see which articles are viewed by you. This helps us to improve the information we send you.

Social media

We would like to make it as easy as possible for you to share our website's content via social media. This can be done through several social media buttons. Please read the privacy statements of the social media channels to find out how they deal with privacy: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn.

We really appreciate it if you post comments on SilverFit's social media channels. These comments are public and can be read by anyone. If you regret a comment, you can delete it yourself.


On our website, you will find links to external websites. Clicking on a link will take you to a website outside SilverFit. These external websites may use cookies. Please refer to the cookie or privacy statement of the website in question.

Disabling or deleting cookies

Do you want to disable or delete cookies? You can do this through your browser settings. If necessary, use your browser's help function to find out how to do this. You can find more information on how to disable cookies via the Your Online Choices website.