8 december

At the end of 2009, after a serious motorcycle accident, a friend of Ron Otten's found himself in a nursing home with a congenital brain injury. Ron regularly visited his friend, and it often took place in the physiotherapy room. The physiotherapist said it was difficult to keep his friend moving. So the idea came to Ron to create a visual support with measured sensory movements. Ron built the first DiFiets for the retirement home where his friend was staying. Later also for other physiotherapists who immediately saw the benefits of this tool. Three routes around the retirement home were carried out with each DiFiets sold.


A few months ago Ron called SilverFit and told us he wanted to retire. He was concerned about his customers and wanted to know if we would be happy to take over.

I knew SilverFit. I was impressed by the strong collaboration with medical specialists and by the emphasis on clinical research. SilverFit offers an opportunity for people with dementia to continue cycling with virtual reality. I think this is something extremely important and that's why SilverFit caught my attention. "- Ron Otten

It would have been a shame if the ordered DiFiets systems could no longer be used at some point. SilverFit therefore decided to take over DiFiets. This way Ron's work is not lost and with the SilverFit software and our service team we can guarantee that all DiFiets systems can continue to function in the future. Residents can continue to enjoy bike rides from their residence.

Ron has many fond memories of the past few years. To conclude, he would like to share one with us:

was once installing a DiFiets in the physiotherapy room of a residence, and next to me was a lady in a wheelchair behind an active-passive bicycle. I explained to her what I was doing and that she could see what it exactly was very quickly. During the test that I was making this lady immediately recognized the landscape that was displayed on the screen and told me that she was delighted to see this place again because she had not been there for a long time. It was the kind of anecdote and experience that made me feel good and happy. "