The SilverFit 3D offers useful games for occupational therapy. For instance, exercises that are related to, among other things, wheelchair dexterity, arm / hand function training and ADL (Activities of Daily Living) tasks. 

An example of a game in which an ADL task is trained is the Sequences Game. The patient must organise the sequence in which the various actions of an ADL should be performed (eg shaving or making coffee). The patient must put these tasks in the correct order by bending the trunk. The purpose of this exercise is to train trunk stability. This game is often used by occupational therapists. 

Also, wheelchair agility can be trained with the Flower Garden, Trail making and Stop the Wolf games.

sequence game Flower garden 

Stop the Wolf

In addition, there is a wide range of games for training the arm / hand function, including the game Catching Eggs. 

By using the SilverFit 3D, occupational therapists use the new principle 'Technology-based' from the occupational profile (Cup et al., 2017).


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