Kris de Kinderen is a physiotherapist working at De Wever, a care home in the Netherlands. We recently interviewed him and some of his patients about their experiences with the SilverFit Flow

Kris and his patients used the SilverFit Flow during a trial period, when searching for a solution to train breathing exercises.

"During the test sessions with the SilverFit Flow we noticed that patients were already a little more conscious about their breathing and were already more able to understand instructions on inhalation and exhalation, as well as breathing duration and length." - Kris de Kinderen

Kris indicates that the SilverFit Flow is an accessible tool to practice breathing exercises and that patients notice that they can really work on their breathing. It does not take much time before the patients know how the games work and they become more motivated to practice. 

"Because of the different types of games and the different images, patients are motivated to perform better. There's some sort of competition element involved." - Kris de Kinderen

The patients were also enthusiastic about the ludic aspect of the SilverFit Flow.

"I really enjoyed practicing with it. I was really focused while practicing. It does have additional value to the regular program." - Patient A

"You can see what you are doing. That is nice. It is fantastic that you can operate the device yourself without the help of the physiotherapist. This means that you can practice at your own convenience and when you’re feeling comfortable with the system." - Patient B

For both the therapist and the patients it was also very nice and interesting to see the results afterwards. Results can be used in a report by a specialist or a doctor to analyse the patient’s improvements over time.


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