Intensive Care (IC) is an important part of healthcare in Europe. The vulnerable patients admitted in ICUs require intensive care to survive. Early mobilization is crucial for these patients because it contributes to maintain their physical motor skills. 

In October 2020, SilverFit, together with Erasmus MC , the Gelre Hospitals Foundation and technical partner Cogvis from Austria, will start the two-year IC-MOVE project to develop an innovative system with digital exercises in the form of games, with the aim to support early mobilization in intensive care.

SilverFit and Cogvis are responsible for the technical development of the IC-MOVE system, and will work closely with IC specialists from Erasmus MC and the Gelre Hospitals Foundation.

The IC-MOVE system can support both patients and healthcare professionals in the early mobilization process.

In addition, the IC-MOVE project will facilitate the involvement of the immediate family of IC patients by offering them the possibility to “play” with their family member. Thus enabling an increase of exercises frequency and helping in the recovery of the patient.


The project is partly funded by Eurostars and co-funding partners EUREKA and the European Commission.


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