In this new version, we have made several improvements to make the SilverFit 3D software even more complete and user-friendly than it already was.

 Here are the most important improvements for our users.


The exercises series

The greater novelty of this update is the ability to create exercise sets. These are several exercises that will be performed automatically one after the other.

Healthcare professionals can then prepare individual sessions for each patient by selecting two or three exercises for example, and by customizing the parameters to the capacities of their patient. The exercises will be played in the order of their choice, with a rest period between each exercise that they will also have determined.

Thus, patients can train without interruption and more fluidly, in a semi-autonomous manner (the advice and supervision of a healthcare professional remains necessary to ensure patients' safety).


The beach ball

The beach ball exercise has been completely redesigned. In this new version, the game is still a form of volleyball, which can be played with one or two participants. Changes such as the game's shooting mode and a more intuitive appearance of the stopwatch ensure a more user-friendly and engaging experience for the patient(s).


The general design of the system

Various improvements to the general design result in a more complete and intuitive package. For example, Favorites are highlighted and can be organized in folders for easy overview. It is also easier to see if a patient is connected.


Settings of the exercises

The selected settings of an exercise are now visible in the exercise screen. In this way, healthcare professionals can immediately see the details of the movements or the level of difficulty that are selected, without having to open the settings screen.


Using the wireless mouse

To ease the wireless mouse's use, we have made several changes to the design of the system. One of those changes is that most of the buttons have been made larger. Thus, it is easier to select them with the wireless mouse.


Advice menu

The Advice Menu guides healthcare professionals step by step in finding the right exercise and settings for their patient. In addition to pre-recorded programs, including the Diagnosis and Movement program, the Advice Menu now includes the "Multiple participants" menu.



It was already possible to add an exercise to Favorites to find it more easily later. We have improved this functionality in several ways. For example, we can now save an exercise in Favorites for a particular client or for everyone.

In addition, a saved exercise can be easily adapted: when it was previously necessary to create a new favorite after each modification of the parameters, now the existing Favorite is automatically updated.



The screen with history of scores, formerly known as "Patient Scores", has been improved. Notably, you will now get advanced scores from The Mole, including operation strategy and patient reaction time. Because they are demonstrated over time, they can give you useful insights into the progress of a treatment protocol.


Your suggestions are welcome!

We are already working on the next update. So don't hesitate to let us know your ideas and suggestions. You can send them to us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., or call us at +31 348-769-110.