16 November 2020



The SilverFit 3D is a system with game-based exercises for gross motor skills, activities of daily living and cognitive stimulation.


Since 2015, Atlant Zorggroep in Beekbergen (nursing home located in the Netherlands) has been welcoming a patient, Mrs D., who is now in her early sixties, to support her in the illness that has been diagnosed to her, the Huntington's disease.

Mrs D. moved in 2018 to a nursing home in Heemhof, in a semi-independent unit, due to psychosocial problems. She performs many tasks independently. For the others, it is taken care of by the nursing staff. She lives with her dog and walks without a walking aid. In 2015, she obtained a score of 54 on the Berg Balance Scale (BBS). Corresponding then to an altered stage of equilibrium at this age.

Paola Waanders, geriatric physiotherapist, accompanying Mrs D., had studied, during her master's research, the effect of weight training, in combination with nutritional advice, on muscle strength for people with Huntington's disease .


Purpose of the treatment

Ms. D.'s main goal is to continue to walk her dog. He can stay with her as long as she can take care of it independently.


Specific objectives of the treatment:

- Keep general motor skills as optimal as possible.

- Maintain balance, strength and endurance


Treatment plan

Twice a week, Mrs. D. performs physiotherapy sessions for 30 to 45 minutes. These sessions are performed using the SilverFit 3D games, for balance and running exercises. She also trains, to strengthen her lower limbs, with a 5kg ball, and on the water rower and the stationary bike for endurance.

SilverFit really helps to work on balance, as well as to keep walking. It is also a system that has come in handy during this pandemic time, because you don't have to clean anything. Balance training is done without touching any equipment. It is therefore also hygienic. "- Paola



Mrs. D. can still walk her dog. It's a good motivation to continue training. She also continues to walk without a walking aid and her health record has deteriorated only slightly over the past five years. Huntington's disease is a progressive disease. But compared to other patients, she shows a fairly stable image. Right now her BBS score is 49.

At the start of treatment, Ms. D. practiced regular balance exercises with exercise equipment. Atlant Zorggroep in Beekbergen was able to borrow the SilverFit 3D from colleagues for a test drive. The SilverFit 3D contains various games for training balance. Ms. D. was enthusiastic from the start about the games. When the SilverFit 3D was returned to the original residence, Mrs. D. asked each week when the system was going to return because she really enjoyed training with it.

Two years ago, the Heemhof residence bought a SilverFit 3D, which made Mrs. D. very happy. She was able to train again by playing the balancing games of The Mole, The Garden Hose and The Vegetable Garden.

You can see that she is picking up a bit and her reaction time is increasing. She takes great pleasure in training and her self-confidence improves "- Paola

"You can use the SilverFit 3D for people with a rare condition can be a lot of fun" - Paola


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