Each SilverFit systems receives a yearly update with improvement and/or new functionalities. This time we have created an update for the SilverFit 3D, our virtual therapy system to train gross motor skills and ADL tasks during rehabilitation sessions or supervised exercise programmes. Watch the video to see the new functionalities with a focus on Parkinson disease and other improvements or read about them in more detail below.

New diagnosis option: Parkinson 

In the Diagnosis menu, exercises have been added for working with people with Parkinson's disease.

New exercise: Picking fruit 

This reaching exercise trains rotation of the spine and stretching the arms. The exercise can be performed seated or standing. It is based on Parkinson Wellness Recovery (PWR) exercises.

Metronome in walking exercises 

A metronome has been added to the City walk and A stroll to give auditory cues to patients with Parkinson's disease.

Cues in Bingo exercises 

Optional auditory and visual cues have been added to the Bingo and the Picture bingo to help initiate the sit-to-stand transfer for patients with Parkinson's disease.

New exercise: Ants crossing 

In Ants crossing patients train stretching their legs while seated. This motion can be done either briefly and repeatedly or for longer periods of time.

New exercise: Picture bingo 

Patients who prefer to play Bingo with images instead of numbers can now play Picture bingo.

Improved simplified graphics 

The simplified graphics of several exercises have been improved, based on scientific insights, with better contrast and simplified shapes.

Archiving patient profiles 

It is now possible to archive patient profiles that are no longer being used. They won't show up in the patient overview, but their data are preserved and those patients can be readmitted later.

Easier to delete patient profiles 

Patient profiles can now be deleted in the patient overview, making it easier to quickly manage profiles and delete several profiles at once.

Deleting exercise results 

You can now delete exercise results from a patient's activity log. This can be useful, for example, when a result gives a distorted view of the patient's progress.

Favorites on the main menu 

Favorites now show up first on the main menu, before the recent exercises.

Your suggestions are welcome

Currently we are already working on another update for the SilverFit 3D. If you have suggestions, please contact us.