The SilverFit Mile is an interactive system that connects a bike or an active-passive trainer and a big screen. Especially developed for the elderly, its new features diversify and enhance the biking experience, encouraging residents to practice a physical activity. Discover how.  

Back to the past: memory workshop with the SilverFit Mile

SilverFit Mile Fiets door het verleden

Screenshot from the feature "Memory Lane" of the SilverFit Mile

Cities change over time and pictures make it possible to track those transformations. The elderly are particularly sensitive to this. Seeing and reviewing photos from the past is the perfect trigger to take a trip down memory lane. The interactive bike SilverFit Mile reinforces the feeling of traveling. How? The residents actively visit historical cities by biking. Indeed, residents pedal (with a bike or an active-passive trainer) in front of a big screen. The latter displays the historical pictures through a slide show that starts and stops when the resident pedal or not. The resident can therefore have time to engage in conversation about the picture.The resident can not only choose the city he/she wants to virtually revisit by bike, but also the era. It is possible to travel from the 30’s till the 90’s. The SilverFit Mile uses physical exercise as a support for reminiscence and cognitive stimulation. 

SilverFit collaborated with several regional archives, making this unique memory activity possible. For the moment, the residents and the patients can travel back in time in the cities of the Netherlands and Belgium. Additionally, SilverFit is working to extend the collaboration with other European Archives.

Improvements in sensor connection

For this update, we have also improved the connection of the sensors and it is now possible to: 

  • connect several training devices at the same time. Thus, when two active-passive bikes or active-passive trainer are connected with sensors, the SilverFit Mile will respond to the fastest device. In this way, a bike ride can become a group activity. 
  • no longer have to restart the system for the sensors to be recognized. 
  • connect a wireless sensor to the SilverFit Mile (provided you have a computer with a recent version of Windows). You can order this sensor wirelessly from SilverFit. Feel free to contact us if you are interested.

Menu display

The menu display has changed and highlights the three functions of the SilverFit Mile:

  • "Tour movies": all the video routes of the SilverFit Mile appears here. You can choose from over a hundred films and travel around Europe and the world. 
  • "Memory lane": click and discover all the cities in which you can travel in the past.
  • "Google Street view": insert a USB key with the custom routes you have created and they will appear here. (More information here)

In addition, you will notice that some buttons have been moved. The navigation buttons to go back to the previous page and the button to turn off the system have now a fixed place. 

Smooth transition on Google Street View routes

The transition between photos on Google Street View routes has become more seamless, improving the resident and patient experience. It is possible to go back to the old transition if you prefer it. 

SilverFit Mile User Manual

All the features mentioned above are described in detail in the user manual. You will also find tips for use and troubleshooting. It is now possible to access the manual directly from the software by clicking on the top left of the screen. Use the mouse to scroll through the pages of the manual.

Mile User manuel in the menu

The user manual of the SilverFit accessible directly from the screen (circled in red)

New virtual biking roads

Many new films have been shot. From now on, residents can virtually ride their bikes in more than a hundred different itineraries all over the world. Among the new roads, you may find:

  • 18 new biking road in the Netherlands: Breskens, Venlo, Woerden...
  • 5 new biking routes in Belgium: Brussels, Bruges, Ghent, Antwerp, Knokke-Heist
  • 5 new biking routes in France: Doubs river, Saint-Malo, Dijon, Burgundy region, Loire Valley
  • 1 new biking road in Switzerland: Zurich 

If you have any questions about the SilverFit Mile and/or its update, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to answer you.