We respect the privacy of our users. We process personal data only to achieve the goal for which it has been provided to us and in accordance with the GDPR (the ‘Algemene Verordering Gegevensbescherming’ (AVG), in Dutch) which comes into effect on May 25th, 2018.

About us

The website http://www.silverfit.com/en is owned by SilverFit BV.

Our company details are:
SilverFit BV
Edisonweg 7
3442 AC Woerden
KvK: 24438852

What data are we collecting?

When you subscribe to our online newsletter or sign up for an event, when you fill in our online contact form, when you request a quote or make a request for one of our services, you will be asked to provide us your personal data. We will only process the data that you provide to us yourself. We will save this data in a database. 

For which goals do we use your personal data?

The data that we collect and save serves the following goals:

· We use your data to achieve the goal for which you gave us this data, for example to draw up a quote, to plan a demo, or to register you for an event.

· We save our clients and potential clients’ data in our CRM system Salesforce. Most of the data saved in there is related to health groups, locations, systems that we have delivered there, etc. If you work at one of these locations, and indicate that you do, your name will be linked to this location automatically. It allows us to see who can attend our events for free, for example. You have the right to ask us if your name is saved in our Salesforce database, and to which location it is linked. If you do not want your name to be saved in our database, you can also ask us to remove it.

· If you indicate that you want to receive emails from us, we will use your name and your email address to send you news and information. You can indicate expressively if you want that or not; if you do not want to receive news from us anymore, you can always opt out via the link at the bottom of our newsletter or by sending us an email.

· When you fill in our contact form, your name and your phone number or email address is needed to give you a reply. If you report a problem with a SilverFit system, we also need this data to help you fix the problem.

By providing us your personal data, you give us permission to use it for the aforementioned goals. We need some of this information to fulfill our obligations towards you – for example, if we deliver a SilverFit system to your location, we obviously need a contact person! 


The data that you have provided to us by filling in a form on our website is partly forwarded to us by email and partly incorporated into a database which is hosted by a company called MailChimp. This data is not shared with other parties unless it is needed to serve you directly. For example, we may give your address to the truck driver when he or she is going to deliver a system to you.

On different pages, our website displays some integrated Facebook buttons. Facebook might also collect some information related to your online surfing behavior through these buttons. You will find more information about Facebook’s privacy policy here. Facebook may transfer your data to the United States. This data transfer is conducted by virtue of the EU-VS Privacy Shield Framework. You can find more information about the transmission of data to the United Stated by Facebook here.


Because we would like to know who our website visitors are and how they use our website, so we can optimize the use of the latter, we use Google Analytics, Leadfeeder and HotJar. We are doing so by using analytical cookies. You can find more information about Google Analytics’ policy here. For Leadfeeder’s privacy policy, click here. And for HotJar’s, here.

We are not using your online surfing behavior in order to show you advertisement later on other websites.


When you sign up to receive our newsletter, to follow a training or to attend an event organized by SilverFit, you are doing so via a MailChimp’s form. We can use the data that you are providing via this form to send you targeted information about the reason why you submitted that form. You can find more information about Mailchimp’s privacy policy here. When we send you our newsletter via MailChimp, we receive a notification if you open the email. We can also see which article(s) you looked at. This helps us to improve the information that we send you. 


We want to make it as easy as possible for you to share the content of our website on social media. This is possible thanks to several social media buttons.

We added some buttons which lead to the following social medias. Please read their privacy statements to know more about their privacy rules. We made it a bit easier for you by collecting the links to their respective privacy statements:

-       Facebook

-       YouTube

We do not mind if you leave a comment on our Facebook or YouTube pages. These comments are public and therefore they can be read by anyone. If you regret leaving a comment, you can also remove it yourself. 


Do you want to disable or remove cookies? You can do that via the settings of your internet browser. You may also use your browser’s help section to figure out how to do so. If you need more information about how to disable cookies, you can visit the website Your Online Choices.  


On our website, you will find links to external websites. When you click on one of these, you are directed outside of our website. These external websites may use cookies. We advise you to check these website’s privacy statement if you want to know how they use cookies.


We do not keep your personal data longer than it is needed to achieve the goal for which we received it.nIf you opt out of our newsletter, we will stop sending you information. Personal data is deleted periodically. If you want your data to be deleted immediately, you can send us an email to let us know. The data which we only use to reply to a message that you sent to us via a contact form will be deleted within 3 years after our last correspondence with you. We also keep all correspondences, given that we sometimes commit ourselves towards you and need to be able to check later on what exactly has been agreed on.

The data saved in our CRM system will be stored for at least 7 years, for different reasons including complying with our legal obligations. We will delete this data within a year after our obligations have been fulfilled. The aforementioned term is valid as long as no other legal obligation exists which would require storing data or keeping it available longer.


If you do not want us to process your data anymore, you can withdraw your permission at any time, in which case we will stop processing your data. The withdrawal of your permission do not affect the legality of processing your data when we had your permission, given that it happened before you withdrew it.

You also have the right to view your personal data and the right to rectify it. If you want to know which data we process, you can send us an email to ask us. If your data is wrong, incomplete or irrelevant, you can force us to modify it or to supplement it.

Moreover, you have the right to ask us to delete your personal data, to limit us in processing it, and to raise objections against it. You also have the right to transfer your data or make it transferable. For this, you can also make a request per email.

We shall handle your request within 1 week. You can e-mail your request to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


We maintain our right to alter the content of this privacy statement. These changes come into force at the announced moment of commencement.