Living room

The SilverFit Mile can be installed on every kind of bike but also on a very simple arm-bike. Depending on the target group and space we are happy to advise you what systems would suit best. Very often other people like to watch the films on the screen as well. People feel they are traveling around the world from their home.  

"My husband told me he has been to Italy and visited a lovely church. We have never been to Italy so the bike film is even creating new experiences for him!"

Partner from a resident in dementia care

Central hall

Together with some of our Dutch clients, we have created exercise corners located in the central hall of assisted living apartment schemes. The reception turns on the systems and residents can independently cycle and enjoy all different kinds of sceneries. Very often you see residents cycling together with their visitors while chatting away what they on the screen.  

"It is highly accessible for our residents and hardly requires any space"

Activity coordinator