An exercise corner is often integrated into the care home's leisure suite, living room, the lounge or the hall. It is a way to provide exercises that are easily accessible. Also, a place where residents and family members can be active together. An exercise corner only requires a small space.

Exercise corners are one more way to stimulate clients to be active. It provides exercises in a highly accessible way. The exercise corners are decorated to create a separate, inviting area of the home. We often install one of our systems in a corner of a living room, lounge, leisure suite or hall. People can exercise independently, with family, staff members or an activity coordinator. 

An exercise corner mostly consists of a passive-active trainer and a home trainer coupled to a SilverFit Mile. The SilverFit Mile provides different movies to create the experience of cycling through woods, the beach, cities, towns and possibly the local neighbourhood. These exercises are quite easy to use and very inviting. Activity coordinators and family members can easily learn how to use the Mile. The activities are very low risk and do not require expert supervision.