Fox GameIconSmall  balance upper body
Bingo GameIconSmall  sit-stand transfer
Puzzle GameIconSmall  bend over forwards and sideways, sit-stand
Picnic GameIconSmall  lower extremity


Mole GameIconSmall   dynamic balance in standing, lunging
Vegetable GameIconSmall  squatting and bending
Puzzle GameIconSmall  bending from standing position


Fox GameIconSmall   walking sideways
Wolf GameIconSmall  walking forwards and backwards
Flower GameIconSmall  walking in all directions
Walking GameIconSmall

walking on the spot


Puzzle GameIconSmall reaching
Chicken GameIconSmall  moving and lifting arm
Volley GameIconSmall  timing arm movements
Funfair GameIconSmall  throwing
BeachBallGameSmall general movement
fishinggameSmall elevation of the shoulders
divergameSmall strenght training arms

Wheelchair proficiency

Wolf GameIconSmall 

accelerating and braking wheelchair 

Flower GameIconSmall manoevring in the wheelchair

Cognition (various movement options)

Memory GameIconSmall short term memory 
ArithmeticButtonSmall calculations
VisualSearchButtonSmall abstract figures
PictureRecognitionButtonSmall object-object recognition
WordAssociationButtonSmall word-image recognition
SoundRecognitionButtonSmall sound-image recognition

ADL exercises

RoomSearching GameThumbnailSmall  everyday environments 
Sequence GameThumbnailSmall sequences


FunctionalReachSmall functional reach 
SitToStandSmall sit to stand test 
TimedUpAndGoSmall timed up and go