Just like the other SilverFit systems, the SilverFit Flow is developped with exercises. The current exercises on the SilverFit Flow are games with the aim of:

- Increasing the strength of inspiratory muscle by breathing in as much volume as possible. It is also possible to set a minimum and maximum permitted inspiratory flow, so the patient can learn to breathe in a controlled way.

- Increasing the strength of the expiratory muscle by exhaling with maximum force.

- Improving the breathing rhythm by breathing at a specific pace.

- Training respiratory strength through an adjustable resistance (expected fall 2020).

Javelin throw

The patient exhales with maximum force. The greater the expiratory power, the further the hunter throws the spear.

Star path

The patient collects as many stars as possible by breathing in and out at a certain rhythm.

The diamond mine

The patient breathes in as much volume as possible. When breathing in, the vacuum cleaner sucks up the diamonds. Limits can be set so that the patient must stay between a minimum and maximum flow.

The benefits of the SilverFit Flow compared to regular breathing training:

- Visualizations ensure that the patient understands the breathing exercise well and can perform it effectively.

- The patient is motivated to practice thanks to the interactive exercises.

- Multiple practice moments per day due to independent use.

- Both the therapist and the patient gain insight into the patient's progress.

- The patient with impaired cognitive function and / or mild to moderate mental disability is easily involved in the exercises.