The winners are....

This year's Tour SilverFit Mile will take place Monday, 11 March to Friday, 22 March.

Participation Requirements

  • Participation to part of the event ( a few days) is allowed. You can choose this yourselves.
  • Participation is only possible if the venue has a SilverFit Mile. No Mile, but interested? You will find detailed information about the possibilities at the bottom of this page.
  • During the event, participants are invited to share photos and videos on social media. By participating in this event, you give SilverFit permission to share this visual material on our website, on our social media channels (Facebook, LinkedIn) and in printed matter (such as brochures). If in doubt, please consult with the communications department of the location or foundation where you work.


The anticipation can begin! Before you know it, the time will have come and the Tour SilverFit Mile will kick off on Monday 11 March! Include your clients in the pre-fun and let them help decorate the event. Make the room where the SilverFit Mile is located extra cosy and festive to bring the Tour SilverFit Mile theme to life. Perhaps there are clients who cannot or do not want to cycle during the Tour SilverFit Mile? This way, they are also involved in the event and can join in. Who doesn't love a party?

Activity book

This year, the range of activities such as games and decorations is even more extensive.

It includes:

- Music suggestions
- Decorations (ready to print and versions for creative engagement with clients)
- Memory
- Guess the picture/puzzle

Route booklet

  • Here, you will find the most beautiful routes through Germany, the Netherlands, Belgium, and France.
  • There is a route for each day during the two-week event.
  • Plus, there are interesting facts about each route.

Already gathering before the event starts

  • Borrow glasses and bike helmets for the most fun photos
  • Bike bell for extra enjoyment during cycling

Additional ideas

  • Create a large scoreboard to keep track of the minutes/kilometers already cycled.
  • Can catering contribute during the event? Perhaps a fun cake with cyclists on it to encourage participants? Include some French brie and German bratwurst for lunch or a Belgian waffle and a tasty Dutch beer afterward.

Materials needed during the event

Participating locations will receive the necessary materials via email during the week of March 4, 2024. Please inform us if you do not have access to your email on-site, and we will send a USB stick (this is only possible for customers with a service agreement).

Prizes and Winners

The winners will be announced on Thursday, March 28th, on LinkedIn, Facebook, and on this website. In consultation, SilverFit will personally present the prizes at the winning locations.

These are the prizes to be won (per participating country):

  • First prize – the golden cup for the location with the most cycling minutes
  • Second prize – the silver cup for the location with the next most cycling minutes
  • Third prize – the bronze cup for the location with the subsequent most cycling minutes
  • The oldest participant in the country will receive a medal
  • The most creative location in the country will receive a beautiful bouquet of flowers

Additionally, SilverFit will highlight all winners on our website and social media channels (Facebook and Linkedin). Each participating client can be awarded their own certificate. The template for the certificate can be found in the shared materials distributed by email. It's fun to make a small ceremony at your own location! Even more reason to celebrate :)

*The winners of the Tour SilverFit Mile will be determined based on the total number of cycling minutes, the number of participants per location, and the number of bikes used during the event.The prize for the oldest participant will be determined based on the information provided by the location during the event.The prize for the most creative location will be awarded based on the level of decoration and the social media attention a location generates during the event.

No rights can be derived from this message.

Reporting Results

Reporting Results

Please use the form found in the Route Booklet (last page) for this purpose.

Tip: Print this out and display it in the area. This way, participants can see how well they are doing.

At the end of each week, you can enter the minutes cycled per participant, per day on this online form:
Gebruik hiervoor het formulier dat in het Routeboekje te vinden is (laatste pagina). 

Week 1:
Week 2: