Bicycle / Home Trainer

For many people, riding a bike is a familiar activity that they still enjoy in later stages of life. The SilverFit Mile can be connected to any existing bike, home trainer or active-passive trainer. 

Active-passive trainer

The SilverFit Mile can be connected to an active-passive trainer such as a Thera Trainer or a MotoMed. SilverFit can install the SilverFit Mile onto your existing equipment. Should you wish to purchase a new active-passive trainer, we are happy to advise you.

 "We had a lady who used to cycle a lot. Now, she did not want to participate at all. When she saw the bikes with video, she felt it was so real that she wanted to try it. Now she cycles every time for 30 minutes when she is here."

Activity coordinator, de Wiek, day care centre, The Netherlands



The SilverFit Mile can also be connected to a bed bike. This system is used in hospitals, in the Intensive Care and dialysis unit, to mobilize patients as early as possible.


Living room

It is also possible to use SilverFit Mile films in small-scale housing or even at home. In this case, we would advise a small touch screen, connected to an exercise bike that requires a small amount of space.

 "This system is highly accessible to our residents and hardly takes up any space"

Activity coordinator