Hospitals show increasing interest in exercise. Exercise is of great importance for physical and functional recovery. After surgery or prolonged illness, such as lung cancer or in patients in intensive care, it is scientifically proven that it is very important to start mobilising as soon as possible. SilverFit has different systems with many possibilities for in-hospital use. 

Patients in hospital are often unable to mobilise by walking, or by cycling actively on an exercise bike, for instance. A bed bike can help them to start rehabilitation and get active at an early stage. Unfortunately, exercising on a machine is far less motivating than actually going outside. The SilverFit Mile projects a film, so that the indoor experience resembles reality. The SilverFit Mile can for example be connected to a bike that patients can use from a hospital bed. A route is shown on the screen connected to the bike. This results in early mobilisation and better physical outcomes. The systems can be used for example at an IC or dialysis unit.   

SilverFit has different systems to stimulate gait-, cycle-, strengthswallow training. To train gross motor skills you can use the SilverFit 3D.

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