23 february 2021

DenkBeeld - February 2021

Aad (80) lives at home in the Netherlands with his partner Gerda. Aad is a former primary school principal and he was very athletic in his spare time. He played tennis five times a week and enjoyed walking and cycling.

Alzheimer's disease was diagnosed and gradually Aad's function deteriorated. He could no longer be alone at home and slept very badly at night. He would then sleep a lot during the day.

To help him maintain a day/night rhythm, Aad has been visiting a daycare center several times a week for some time. There, he meets other people, participates in creative activities, goes for group walks, plays games, listens to music.

And in the afternoon, Aad always does long cycling sessions with the SilverFit Mile. He chooses a different route each time. Sometimes another visitor sits next to him and they talk together, with the discussion being based around the landscapes. It is sometimes difficult for him to stop when Gerda comes to pick him up.

Over the past 12 months, Aad has been unable to make it to the daycare center for several weeks. He then isolated himself and his physical and mental condition declined.

For the past few weeks, Aad has been able to visit the daycare center again, and Gerda is seeing the benefits that this brings him.

She has also noticed that Aad is more alert and attentive when he cycles. She then decided to install a home trainer at their house, but she quickly realized that riding a bike without the films was not motivating enough and Aad didn't use the bike when he was at home.

She is happy that the daycare is offering the SilverFit Mile and that Aad can take enjoy cycling sessions there.

What Gerda has observed since Aad visited the daycare regularly: “Before, we were alone at home and even when I spoke to him he would fall asleep, exhausted from the restless night he had spent. Now he stays awake and answers me. I think it's very important that he can participate in all these activities and exercise himself. Now he is sleeping well. When he comes back from his visits to the daycare center, he feels great. "