Van der Kooij et al. (2019) investigated intrinsic motivation in elderly who perform a balance exercise using the SilverFit 3D compared to elderly who perform a conventional balance exercise. In this article it is concluded that intrinsic motivation stays significantly higher over time in the elderly who perform balance exercise using the SilverFit 3D.

SilverFit 3D EN vanderKooij 2019

van der Kooij, K., van Dijsseldonk, R., van Veen, M., Steenbrink, F., de Weerd, C. & Overvliet, K.E. (2019). Gamification as a Sustainable Source of Enjoyment During Balance and Gait Exercises. Front. Psychol., 10, 294. doi: 10.3389/fpsyg.2019.00294