16 November 2020


There is growing interest in eHealth innovation, including apps that help older people move and maintain their independence. An effective form of these innovations are the "Serious Games". The Serious Games remain games providing entertainment, but with the specific objective of stimulating movement.

SilverFit develops motivating and CE-certified medical devices in the form of games. SilverFit systems stimulate physical and cognitive activities, and are used by health professionals such as physiotherapists or occupational therapists in particular, in the care they provide to elderly people in nursinh homes, day care or hospitals. SilverFit aims to fundamentally improve the lives of older people and enable them to remain independent and mobile for longer.

Dutch company founded in 2008, SilverFit offers systems offering exercises in the form of games, based on the recommendations and guidelines of the Royal Dutch Society of Physiotherapy (KNGF) and on the experience of healthcare professionals. Thanks to the playful interface of the games, elderly people are motivated to train more often and for longer.

In the development of the games, SilverFit takes into account the feedback and wishes of the elderly people. The games are then tested and improved until their final version. The exercises settings can be precisely tailored to the abilities of each patient / resident.

Discover two examples where SilverFit systems bring real added value to therapy.

SilverFit 3D case - Huntington's disease

SilverFit Mile case - Osteoarthritis

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