A SilverFit Mile consists of:

- SilverFit Mile control software.

- SilverFit Mile route films. A collection of more than 100 route films, recorded in the Netherlands, abroad, urban environment, natural environment and at special locations. New films are recorded during the year.

- Computer, already installed with SilverFit Mile software and films.

- Remote control for the assistant.

- SilverFit Mile sensor that is built into the exercise device to measure the speed.

- Installation and training for all users at your location after purchase, 1 year warranty on hardware and software and 1 year fast service on site in the event of problems.

- 43 inch HD display that can be mounted on the wall or be mobile (so that the SilverFit Mile can be used in different departments). If the screen is mounted on the wall, we also provide a computer case in which the computer and cables can be neatly concealed.


- 55 inch HD screen for the most realistic experience while cycling. Can be mounted on the wall or can be moved.

- Own film, shot in an environment that is familiar and loved by clients.

- Service subscription: updates of SilverFit Mile control software and newly released route films, in-depth training for all users at your location, fast on-site service in the event of problems and free access to the SilverFit training afternoons and user meetings.

- Exercise equipment: the SilverFit Mile can be connected to any home trainer, active-passive trainer, bed bike or ergometer. If you already have exercise equipment, the SilverFit Mile can be connected to it. If you want to purchase a new bicycle, we are happy to advise you.