Benefits for residents

  • Physical: 
    • improve physical functions, like condition and muscle strength. Residents with very low to high physical needs enjoy the bike corners.  
  • Social-emotional
    • experience joy and contentment while cycling
    • start social conversations easily about what they see
    • experience seeing new parts of the world 
    • enhance positive emotions when biking in familiar scenes again e
  • Psychological
    • exercise leads to increased self-worth
    • residents focus on what they can do instead of focusing on limitations
    • family members are delighted when they see that their loved ones are enjoying the exercises and doing well 

Benefits for staff   

  • more personal contact with residents
  • easy to initiate personal conversations
  • extra proud of their job
  • improved skills in providing exercises

Benefits for management

  • positive attention: the innovative exercise corners attract a lot of highly positive attention from journals, local- and national press
  • retain talent by providing new opportunities and increased responsibility for staff
  • it easily creates a buzz in the local community to attract people to your homes
  • unique and distinctive from other locations